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  1. Where are you from? I have a studio in Elkhart & one in Carmel, Indiana so I have to say both places!
  2. How long have you been a stylist or colorist? 16 years
  3. What made you want to become a stylist or colorist? I have grown up in the hair industry. Because I enjoy fine detail and a finished look, this profession was perfect for me. Also having communication and a connection with people gives me a great ability to listen. One thing that I always say is “I cut, color and style your hair, but you wear it!’ meaning that the key to a great look is communication. My job is to love your hair more than you.
  4. What would you consider to be your specialties? I specialize in dry cuts for all types of hair: curly, thick, fine, thin, etc. I have a keen eye and am educated in formulating color and applying expert technique.
  5. What are your favorite style & color trends at the moment? As for color, I truly like the more natural look- not to be confused with boring. It is all about technique and formulation. I specialize in a dry cut and appreciate the style it brings to hair. I love that it brings freedom of movement, leaving weight on the ends for true shape and style with lots of movement in the mid-shaft and interior, and leaves hair soft with the right amount of volume.
  6. Do you have any hairstyling tips/tricks for client at-home styling? I am constantly educating my clients as they are my family. Their hairstyle is not just about the moment, but completes their everyday look. Following technique, products are the trick to a quality finish.
  7. Where do you find inspiration for coming up with new styles? Everywhere!! Hair is my passion, so I never stop looking.


Les Eads 

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Charles E. Salon Owner Les Eads, has been in the hair business for 42 years. He received formal hair training under Nolan Grunden at the National Barber School in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1970. He then quickly became an official platform artist for Redken taking advantage of this opportunity to travel the country learning new tips and techniques along the way. Les became both president of, and platform artist for, the Independent Salon Owners of America (ISOA) from 1995-2005. ISOA is a business marketing and planning group for elite salons. While an ISOA platform artist Les was able to travel internationally training other stylists on his techniques. From a yearly involvement with International Hairgoods for 25 plus years, Les found his stride in the hair replacement world and was named Hank Parker Hair Replacement Designer of the Year for four consecutive years (2000-2004).  Les Eads also works as consultant to Custom Formulation Inc, an international private label manufacturer of salon products. He's been assisting with the development of new salon products for them since 1974. Currently, Les is his passion for the hair loss industry into working to establish a cancer patient hair bank. His goal is to be able to provide hair at mp cost to people suffering from loss of hair due to chemotherapy treatments for cancer. He has been an active contributor to the United Cancer Society's Breast Cancer Awareness efforts since 2005.