Hair Loss Solutions

We offer a variety of hair loss solutions to fulfill your specific needs. Our salon is an exclusive Cyber Hair dealer for custom partial and full cap wigs. ( We also offer OnRite hair systems which uses real European hair for our clients who may be interested in another option. We also use a Redken product, Cerafill which helps clients with fine or thinning hair.  (  Whatever your hair needs may be, we strive to only sell the best, offering quality and professional care at all times.


Hair Replacement

Thought the nearest hair replacement center was in Chicago or Indianapolis? Stop delaying your return to confidence because you think youre nearest hair loss expert is 100 miles away. Dont let distance keep you from learning more about your hair replacement options because yo

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or youre not sure, we can help you every step of the way. There are so many options and roads to hair recovery, let us help find the right one for you. We know you cant trust your looks to just anyone. Call or email us today for a free consultation, or even just a chat. Our Hair Replacement center offers a discreet consultation room available either by appointment or walk-in during a time you feel comfortable.

Contact us now to discuss your hair replacement options in Northern Indiana, (Michiana). Located just an hour east of Chicago, in Elkhart, Indiana. Chicago results with local convenience. We would love to be your hair replacement provider of choice today!

Hair Loss Treatments

Charles E. Salons offers hair loss treatment options for all degrees of hair loss. Whether you are just beginning to thin or suffer complete hair loss our hair solutions vary as widely as our customers do. 

Effective hair loss treatments to consider include cranial hair prostheses, hair integrations, partials and headwear. Each is designed to enhance appearance and provide an answer to hair loss.

Hair system designed specifically for those suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions.

A cranial hair prosthesis uses a combination of materials mimic natural hair growth patterns and the natural appearance of the scalp. The prostheses are extremely comfortable and treated to resist dirt, oils and body acid.
Many looks can fall into this hair solution. Prefer the ease of a turban, scarf or hat? Prosthetic headwear can be fitted to include bangs or hair fringe to help soften facial features or peak out around the nape of the neck or sides of the head.

Cyberhair Extensions

Extensions designed for women with thinning or damaged hair offer a unique solution to adding volume that is natural, safe and undetectable. This lightweight solution provides the ultimate damage control that can quadruple the volume of your current hair in as little as an hour.

Partial Hair System

Partial hair systems are for those suffering hair loss in a specific area often due to surgery or burns. These hair solutions are designed in various sizes materials and colors, similar to top of head hair systems. You will find high quality partial hair systems available through salons specializing in hair replacement services like Charles E. Salons. Be wary of lower quality wiglets often found in retail stores and available by order via catalogs or websites.

Hair Integration Solution

A hair integration solution offers a way to blend your own hair with a hair system to add fullness, increase volume or lengthen your current style. This hair treatment is best for individuals who want to make the most of their natural hair.

A hair integration works by using a durable yet comfortable cabling system designed to be placed on the head with your own hair then brushed through the openings. This then smoothly combines the hair integration system with your natural growing hair. 

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